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     August 2018     
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     August 2018     
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Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Sunburst Adventures maintains a strict "no refunds" policy due to the nature of our business and scheduling requirements. You may reschedule at any time within 24 hours notice prior to your your scheduled trip date and time. You may also request a "rain check" for the full amount paid valid through the next years river season. Cancellations within 24 hours or "no Shows" forfeit all payments received. Sunburst Adventures operates rain or shine, hot or cold, with the exception of flood stage in imminent severe storms. Trips are not cancelled due to weather. In the event the Ocoee River Authorities prevent trips launching at your scheduled time, Sunburst Adventures will reschedule at your earliest convenience , and upon availiability. . Thank you for choosing Sunburst Adventures for your White Water Rafting Adventure, we look forward to seeing you and your group.

Policy Notices

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

Please abstain from using alcohol and tobacco while on our trips.

Thanks for your understanding.

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